ParentDish's Top 10 School Uniform Moments in Pop Culture
By Lesley Kennedy
February 23rd 2010

Is the school uniform becoming the latest tween and teen fashion trend? You bet your plaid shirt and navy blazer.

At least that's the word from French Toast, a supplier of school uniforms for boys and girls. The company claims the presence of uniforms in pop culture is helping the private school make the fashion grade.

And, just like the high school students attending "Gossip Girl's" Constance Billard School for Girls on New York's Upper East Side, French Toast says kids are accessorizing their uniforms with everything from scarves to jewelry to add their own twist to their outfits.

All this talk got us thinking of our favorite movies, music videos and TV shows featuring school uniforms. Here's ParentDish's top 10:

  • 1. Harry Potter: Harry would hardly be the icon he is today without his trademark Hogwarts uniform. His maroon and yellow scarf even made its way into trendy closets of Muggles everywhere.
  • 2. Gossip Girl: Blair, Serena and Jenny took prep school uniforms and made them the height of fashion, with designers and magazine editors clamoring to translate the show's popularity to retail sales.
  • 3. The Facts of Life: Before there was Blair Waldorf, there was Blair Warner. Watching Mrs. Garrett and her girls take the good and take the bad had many a teen wishing she could go to boarding school.
  • 4. The Trouble with Angels: This 1966 coming of age movie, set in a Catholic school for girls, is sure to bring back memories for fellow Catholic school students.
  • 5. Dead Poet's Society: "Oh Captain, My Captain!" Robin Williams inspires uniform-clad young men attending the Welton Academy for boys in this 1989 classic.
  • 6. Curly Top: Shirley Temple and her friends at Lakeside Orphanage wear matching uniforms in this 1935 film.
  • 7. Baby One More Time: Britney Spears shot to popularity with an assist from her 1998 music video, in which she dances in a sexy Catholic school girl uniform.
  • 8. School of Rock: The kids are all buttoned up at their ritzy prep school until substitute teacher Dewey Finn [Jack Black] teaches them to, well, rock in 2003's hit movie.
  • 9. Kill Bill Vol. 1: No, this isn't kid's fare, but once you meet Gogo Yubari, the Japanese schoolgirl assassin in Quentin Tarantino's 2003 movie, it's hard to think of school uniforms without thinking Gogo.
  • 10. Mary Katherine Gallagher: Molly Shannon's "Saturday Night Live" character (who got her own movie, "Superstar," in 1999) puts the ouch -- and the funny -- in the school uniform.


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